Mouse Wars

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Today I’ve stumbled across the work of Nathan H. Boyd (I say stumbled, I basically spend all day refreshing my “disney + cool stuff” Google search).  That is a joke, obviously.  Of course I know how to set-up a Google alert.

My favourites:


Another of today’s wonderments is Emma Butler’s movie-prop inspired illustrations, picked up via ShortlList and Buzzfeed .  Lovely stuff. 

Linked Image (Linked Image (


Book Collecting

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A few things have caught my bibliophile eye lately – voluminous libraries and literary feets of genius.  I guess this is some sort of trend; as digital consumes the paper back , so we find new ways of indulging in the atoms of pages.  Of course digital is also helping the cottage book industry – but I think you’ll agree these projects are awesome.

First-up an article in the NYT from earlier in Jan that was reprinted in last’ week’s Observer. The article looks at a home decor / architecture trend that involves a desire for people to want to read their libraries, but who also want to stamp their identity on the well-thumbed shelves.  Basically it’s a reaction to the idea that all libraries have too look antique, and also that many hotels/ bars etc stock their shelves with aesthetically appropriate though utterly uninteresting tomes.  It may sound like silly opulence – but take a look at the work of Thatcher Wine and should you ever find yourself with a spare sizable wad of cash and an empty room you’d probably find it difficult not to give Jupiter Books a ring.

This week’s other spot was the voyeuristically awesome blog, Book Shelf Porn. They also have a twitter feed feed, so if you similarly have a book fetish I suggest you follow them immediately.  In the sprit of sharing, here are a couple of images of my own book homes.



Every company is a media company: A Chocolate Book

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On Monday night, over dinner with some friends from Diageo (as a brand, an Edelman client), Simply Zesty and Next Wave Partners we were discussing the various merits of product placement in movies and television.

As conversations over a pint occasionally do – we then meandered – and started to work out whether or not product placement could work in books. On first thought, perhaps not – a brand would have to be working with the author from the genesis of the characters to ensure that the brand involvement was authentic.

We then started talking about “chic lit”, arguably not a genre we knew much about… Nevertheless we noted that ‘some’ forms of literature are produced as if on a conveyor belt, with very lightly flavoured characters. Yet they sell very well.  Surely this sort of book would be able to be subverted with carefully placed brands and products? (I’ve since been reliably informed that Tiffany from Eastender’s first foray into penmanship resulted in a smorgasbord of branded ‘props’. So our assumptions were right.)

Now at some point the Galaxy Book Club came up. Building upon our earlier point about the product needing to be at the heart of the book – an idea started to form. (This creative spark can either be attributed to calamari on a Monday night, or beer as a creative lubricant).

So how’s this for an idea:

  • To launch a new bar of chocolate a confectionary company launches an initiative to find an ‘up and coming’ short story writers
    • Authors win a financial ‘advance’ to help them write, and access to existing writers as ‘mentors’
    • The only condition is that the chocolate must feature in the story
    • The brand cannot control this message. It’s up to the author if they want the chocolate to be at the heart of the story (two lovers meet in a chocolate shop, perhaps, or it could be simply that at one point a character eats a bar).
  • Writers submit their entries
  • The best stories are collected into an anthology. The anthology is printed, but instead of a simple book, this hard back book has a fake back. Turn the last page and nestled in the back of the book is the new chocolate bar. Much like this incredible Alice in Wonderland press kit from Disney.

Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie Press Kit

There are of course some neat digital executions that could be incorporated. A Facebook app that tells your friends to vote for your book, for example, if there was a public vote mechanic to the selection of the book. Simply Zesty have also spotted this similarly chocolaty idea. Extending this out we also talked about how you could have your names put in to the story. Mr Darcy is renamed as you, while your girlfriend becomes Elizabeth (horrid example, but you get the idea). Content rights aside – this book is then printed, with the hidden chocolate bar, creating a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

OK. So this idea might not create a new literary movement. But evolving the adage that “every company is a media company” so brands truly become publishers would benefit the artists finding support and help engage consumers in new ways.  I’d buy a bar.

Illustrations from your childhood

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Oliver Lake just started following me on Twitter, so I took a curious look at his Etsy shop.

Check it out for very reasonable prints.  Charming illustrations with more than a nod to retro-Children’s illustrations.  Very cool.  Particular faves:

Two Fine Foxes - Limited Edition Print The Tortoise Photographers

Hound Dog Slim - Limited Edition Print Keep on Blogging - Limited Edition Print

Can’t judge a person by their tee: dog-eared clothing

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To Kill a Tee

I haven’t posted since I’ve been back in the UK.  It seems blogging and work aren’t mutually compatible.  Alas. So I think I’m going to start posting more images/links and short posts in the interests of time.

A starter for 10 would be this awesome US clothing company, I just stumbled upon on Valet Mag. They take book covers and make them into t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Personal faves are Moby Dick, Death of Salesman and of course To Kill A Mockingbird.

They ship from America and it’s only an extra $10 for shipping to London.  Awesome.

A whale of a time

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IMG_8213Call me Ishmael. I realise a lot of these images look like black boulders in a sea of blue and they don’t really do justice to the most awesome Humpback’s in the Southern Hemisphere.  But I had to share as it was such a great day out, scouring the ocean for sea life.  I even spotted my first Sea Turtle.  Cowabunga. 

As well as mother’s, calfs, pelicans and turtles we caught a glimpse at a hammer head shark.  Unfortunately I couldn’t capture the hammer, but I got the deadly dorsel fin.  Pretty glad the surf hasn’t been up to much…




IMG_8250  IMG_8287





Dog walks, Surfer’s Paradise and the Sea

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Apologies for the radio silence, should you have eagerly been awaiting a post from Queensland.  I was sans internet last week – a blissful return to basics.

But now I’m back and the bright lights of Brisbane await.  Here are some snaps, to fill you in on the last 7 days, in the meantime.


The latest addition to the Bonanno clan.  


Jacobs Well – or Dawson’s Creek.  Who can tell?

 IMG_6214 IMG_6222


Hell is Surfers Paradise.  Weather was nice though.


WALL-E’s QLD relation.